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Bra strap holding loops, to your rescue

Bra strap holding loops, to your rescue

Body of women are different from that of men; hence, they require different type of inner wear. Brassier or bra is the type of garment used by women in order to provide shape and support to the bosoms. Bra also provides coverage which makes it very comfortable for women to relax all through the day. Bra straps are a major part of the bra. One’s inner comfort is provided by good inner wear, and when your bra has straps then you’ve got nothing to worry about. Today in this article, we’re going to give you a solution for your peeping bra straps and present to you, bra strap holding loops in all our top wears.

It was in the 19th century that the bra was discovered. The bra has undergone a great deal of evolution since then. From being an undergarment to now being a fashion clothing, it has come a long way. The evolution of the bra has under gone a few stages. The ancient times, when a rectangular piece of cloth was sewn down from the sides, blouses were seen in India.

It was a great evolution when bras with straps were produced. After a lot of surveys and studies, manufacturers noticed that women found bras with straps much more comfortable and easing than that of the regular corset. But with this also came the problem of strap slippage.

There is a very wide variety of straps that are available in the market and online. Types like Transparent, rubber, fabric, sparkle, basic and lacy ones are available in abundance to suit your needs. But unless you wear a strapless bra, there is always chances of your straps peeking through. This situation can be a little awkward and Zomo is here for your rescue. Don’t worry, read this article till the end and we’ll provide you with a solution.

Our bra holding strap loops are consciously designed for your comfort and will give you a boost of confidence. Our top wears have been built in a way that includes this special features which was very much needed. These loops are placed on the inside of the shoulder region. There are two loops present in either side of the top wear and are positioned on the inner side of the shoulder region. These loops have been given in your clothing pieces for your comfort. One can place their bra strap under the loops and lock it. This will prevent your straps from spilling out or slipping down your arms. Does it not sound amazing?!

These loops are around half an inch in width which is a perfect size to solve your strap issues smoothly. The closure of the loops is through a snap button which is fuss free and you can quickly do it within seconds. Once you have worn the outfit all you need to do is place the bra strap on your shoulder and bring the unattached loop across the strap. Now with the loop around the bra strap, all you need to do is to just use the snap closure button to secure it, and voilà! You’re ready to nail the day with lots of confidence.

The best thing about these bra holding strap loops, is that their presence won’t restrict you from doing anything. Now, you can be tension free and jump, run or do absolutely anything you feel like! Also, the snap buttons do not poke and the fabric for the loop is made out of the fabric used for the actual Upper wear. So, the loops will be soft and friendly to your skin. This comes to be a big relief because no one likes it when their outfit pokes or tugs their skin. Forget all your worries because this feature is made so that you can relax the fullest and live it up!

Bras are the most important undergarment. If chosen wrongly, it can mess up with your body and posture. A little thing like a bra strap can actually put you in big trouble and cause an awkward moment. Imagine being in a room full of professionals, you’re presenting your most worked upon presentation, but you’re not able to be fully confident because your bra strap keeps showing. Sometimes when you fix it, it slips down your shoulder. Worst nightmare!

Our team sat together and jotted down everything that they have had their female garment wearer friends complain about. Finally, we were able to come up with styles and features that everyone can relate with. These loops are a product of one of those brain storming sessions. Made with the same fabric as that of the clothing article, these loops blend into your outfit and you don’t have to worry about the loops peeping through. We promise you, once you try on a Zomo article with these loops in it, you won’t be able to be back to wearing clothes without bra holding loops. They are just so convenient, after all, our clothing pieces will let you be the boss and they’re so not going to come in the way of the day you’re about to slay!

So now, worry not, unlike 90% of mid-range and high-end fashion brands, Zomo is one that’ll provide you bra holding strap loops in all our top wear so that you face the world nice and confident. This little detail will change your life for good and you’ll never go back to wearing clothes without bra holding strap loops, just how we stated earlier! There’s no point still going for outfits that create a hassle for you because it’s time for you to clear your closet and make space for Zomo. For Zomo will not only rule your closet but also your heart because of its productivity, comfort and STYLE! Spend no time thinking and visit http://www.zomofashion.com now and give yourself a makeover that you deserve!




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