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Smashing the "no pockets" concept in women's fashion

Smashing the "no pockets" concept in women's fashion

Looking back at the history of pockets, they were actually non-existent, for men as well as women. Instead, people used to tie small bags around their waist. Within these bags they used to put all of their Necessities and roam about. Later in time, people got more conscious Of thefts and robbing that they started to hide their pockets under Many layers of clothing, while men during this time started having a Stitched pocket on their breaches. The situation for women got worse and the pockets completely Diminished for them. It was because of the new styles of clothing that gained preference.

This made the women of the time carry hand bags which truly are a hassle as they have to be constantly careful about it. Well, that was how the 80 billion handbag industry started. While men had started to have pockets stitched on their breaches as well as trousers, women were still bound to carry bags. Even to this era of the existence of big and chunky phones, women’s clothing lacks the Pockets to contain them. Fashion observers have assessed and analyse around 20 established brands and have found out that men’s Pockets are 46% larger and 10% wider than women’s pockets. It was Also observed that 100% of men’s pocket could hold a phone as big as the iPhone X perfectly but only 40% of women’s clothing had that Capacity. Over the years the discussion of pockets has been done with regards to Practicality and the power that it extends to women garment wearers. It clearly shows a major gender divide in the fashion segment. A very Renowned fashion icon stated that men have pockets to hold stuff while Women have them for the aesthetics. The fashion industry still lives Under the perception that women desire more show than function. With women coming more into the mainstream and doing all things that men do, they also should be given the right to pockets, and the ones that are actually efficient and of use. We all have to agree that the most frustrating thing is when you see false pockets on apparels. They are just an illusion and do not even open.


To beat this, we offer you a wide range of dresses that have pockets in them. And when we say it, we actually mean it. One of our aims is to make our pieces extremely productive for our customers, what better way than offering them dresses with deep and dual pockets which are actually accessible. And not just that, we are presenting before you, outfits that have dual pockets. This means you have dual pocket on each side. How cool is that? Now you don’t have to always worry about carrying a wallet or a bag, this way you can leave your hands free and enjoy fully. Gone are the days when women’s clothing was discriminated on the basis of productivity, with Zomo you are all covered and just casually walk out of the house free handed with cash, cards and cell phone in your pocket of dreams. No, you don’t have to worry about things spilling out of them because we’ve made sure to give you the ever so desirable deep pockets that still look as chic as ever.



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