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The Necessity of Key Holder Loop

The Necessity of Key Holder Loop

Like many other things, key holder loop is also one aspect many garments lack especially ones made for women. It is not only efficient but also something that garments must have. Here at Zomo, we talk about sustainability and productivity. We go to different lengths to provide our customers an experience that they’ve never had before.

In early days, the women used to adorn intricately designed and hand-crafted key chains. These key chains were in the shape of a hook and were tucked in the left side of the saree. This was an ornament for women of the time. Made with gold, silver and other metals, this key chain called ‘Chabhi Challa', was a classic piece which not only looked good but also was very productive. The words ‘Chabhi’ and ‘Challa’ is derived from the Hindi words for 'key’ and 'ring', respectively. The visible side of the ‘Chabhi Challa' was designed in a way that made it look like a jewellery piece. This heirloom accessory was passed on from one generation to another. The keys were attached on the piece and was easily accessed when needed.

What was interesting about it was the fact that it was actually something that the elder women in the family were given. The main reason was that the responsibility of the house lay in their hands. This made the younger women and daughters of the family to feel jealous and they started wearing the Chatelaine with different dangling ornaments replacing the keys.

Later with the advent of modern times and women having more options and choices for dressing, the ‘Chabhi Challa’ lost its prevalence. Now came the era of Indian three-piece suits. Women even started wearing jeans and skirts paired with tops and kurtis around the mid 20th century. The handbag industry had also taken over, so everything was now carried into a bag even keys.
The ancient concept of ‘Chabhi Challa' has inspired our designers big time. We have deeply observed and noted the importance of such a productivity element today more than any other time. Today we youngsters have thousands of things to do and to be totally efficient in our tasks we have to free of worries regarding our belongings. They must be kept safely and securely and also mustn’t require our attention.

Zomo is proud to say that it is one of the first few brands that have acknowledged the need and have incorporated the same in our apparels. We make sure that your outfit not only looks good but also helps you out in little ways throughout the day.
Although carrying bags have added to the accessorizing of the overall look, it actually is a big hassle. When carrying a handbag, you’ll have to be very mindful and if you choose not to carry one and just hold your essentials then there is a risk that you might end up losing them. This can cause you a lot of stress and no one wants that.

Surely, everyone must’ve face losing a key at least once in your life time. Maybe you stepped out to grab a few groceries and left it on the counter only to never find it again. These situations actually put us in a lot of trouble. Getting locked outside of your own house or your own car is definitely not the best feeling.

Just how pockets are important for any garment, key holder loop is also a must add. Sadly, there are hardly any piece of clothing that you’ll find which will have a key holder loop. As much as 98% percent of garments produced each year by big players in the industry lacks key holder loop. It’s an unfortunate reality which we all have made peace with, but Zomo is here for you and will get your back like no one else. We believe that one looks even more beautiful when they feel good and for that, our team is working 24/7 to come up with ways to make dressing up feel ecstatic.

Our garments come equipped with not only deep-dual pockets and bra strap holding loops but also with this magical key holder loop which can hold your keys. Once you pick an outfit from Zomo, you wouldn’t have to worry about carrying a seperate bag for your keys or having your key fall out of your pockets while enjoying your time. You can hang your keys securely on this loop and be carefree. After all, everyone deserves to have a gala time.

Not just bottoms, but kurtis, jumpsuits and shrugs are also equipped with this loop for your productivity. Trust us when we say that people around are really going to appreciate and admire you when they see this way of carrying your keys. You can add an attractive key chain to your key and your hung keys will look oh so funky and will suit your outfit and act like an accessory. There are various kinds of key chains available in shells, metallic, soft stuffed and glittery. So, just pick whatever goes best with your personality.

Placed near the left pocket, these key holder loops will be easily accessible and it won’t be a hassle to get a hold of your keys when you need them. The loop also has a button closure so that your keys are secure. If in case, the buttons are not done nicely and the key happen to fall then they’ll fall in the pockets of your outfit because of the mindful placement of the same. So, here’s Zomo wishing you the best of the times with styling and slaying in our apparels. We’re positive that you’ll rock it like no one else, after all the inner diva in you will be set free and the confidence in you will touch the sky once you step into a Zomo outfit. Happy shopping!

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