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About Us

Fusion. Production. Relaxation.

That’s the idea behind Zomo.

Conceived high in the hills of Himalayas, where inspiration flows like a ferocious river, touching everything it can. Searching the landscape of this fossil village, watching the dzomo roam, new life began to blossom in Langza. A majestic creature born from a fusion of distinct difference, created to be more and to thrive with less. With strength greater than both the Yak and the Cow, able to produce more and not easy to erase. If the dzomo could be all of these things, why couldn’t women’s clothing? What we wear shouldn’t hold us back, but rather to allow us to progress and push boundaries. Zomo fuses comfort and style with quality and affordability to bring you versatile everyday wear that sacrifices nothing, because she shouldn’t have to.


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